Many years ago, when traditional methods got inefficient, student-centered learning approach introduced as an advanced standard in education system. But in Iran, it did not take into consideration enough. Maybe, it was affected of abstract science prevalence, which is fundamentally far from techniques which focus on students’ experience. Computers and internet media are samples of technological tools which will have considerable effects on developing student-centered learning method, if a precious plan can make them easier to localize and operate. Obviously, we cannot start over and change educational system with a fresh one, rather it should be done gradually and based on reality.

Tose’e Danesh Mandegar Co, was established with the approach to create and conserve knowledge-centered people; to achieve this goal, we try to present the best quality services and products which have been mentioned here, follow by developing scientific solutions with the aim of performing the most advanced methods of modern education and practical looking to current situation of educational system in various levels and finally, recommend these solutions to target population. Connection between technology and trading has been existed for a long periods. In fact, a technical promotion leaded trading to be stir and currently online shopping is one of the most popular methods of business in World Wide Web. Actually, Nowadays anyone has the ability to create his own web page and present his/her own considered products. Usage of this technology, like two other ones, Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) and (Electronic Funds TRANSFER (EFT) (both introduced in 1977), enabled organizations to exchange electronic documents such as factors and also purchase orders. In 1980s, Automated teller machine (ATM) and phone banking, which appeared after developing and acceptance of credit cards, caused formation of electronic trading .Over the last decade, some parts have added to electronic trading; enterprise resource planning system (ERP), data mining and data warehousing.

TMD Co, works on electronic trading, along with its goals.